About Us

Current ownership of 1 Source Computer Solutions started in 1990. In 1990, F.T.D Enterprises, Inc.** purchased ComputerLand of Frankfort. At that time we were on the forefront of the sales of personal computer technology in Frankfort.

Over time, with the addition of the big box stores such as Best Buy's and Walmart's, we have transitioned our business focus to being more than just a computer sales organization. Our mission now is to be the IT team for businesses that do not have the personnel and resources to have a dedicated internal IT staff.

In 2005, we moved to our current location, in downtown Frankfort. This move provided us the opportunity to be more cost efficient, as well as be in a central location to better serve our core clients. With several of our customers being what is now termed ultra small businesses, we are better poised to be able to provide the timely service they need. In several circumstances, we are simply a few minutes walk away.

In addition to the solutions we provide our core clients, we are also focused on residential customers that need assistance above and beyond what the box stores are capable or willing to provide. For all of our customers we provide a wide variety of services.
The advantage of using a small business is that you will known exactly who you are dealing with. Unlike a large company that you may never get to talk to the same person twice, you will have someone dedicated to serving you from initial contact throughout your entire relationship with us. You are someone that we are dedicating to working with for the long term. Maybe this is the reason we have so much repeat business.

Hence, we are ...
1 Source Computer Solutions

** F.T.D. Enterprises, INC. is not associated with the flower company. These are simply the initials of our company president